A Meeting with Non-governmental Organizations

24 Jul 2018
On July 13, a meeting was held with member organizations of the national platform of the Civil Public Forum of Eastern Partnerships in order to examine the evaluation and selection mechanisms in the grant programs at the International Education Center.

The aim of the meeting is to involve civil society in the realization process of the Center’s work and to ensure transparency in education, the availability of services, involvement of citizens, and good governance.

The meeting was attended by experts of higher education (Institut Français de Géorgie (FR), Stipendium Hungaricum (HU), Fulbright Scholarship (US)), entrant rights ombudsman Timothy Barret, the Center’s graduates, and members of the selection commission.

Nino Chelidze, the Center’s director, informed those in attendance of the general frame of the internationalization of higher education in Georgia and grant program priorities along with colleagues and foreign partners. She presented 7 grant schemes, a management information system (MIS), the politics of the grant programs, problems, reasons, and ongoing outcomes.