Scholarship for Hungarian Students and Researchers for participating in Summer Schools 2017

Goals and Objectives


In 2017, February 6 a new program agreement was signed between the Ministry of Human Capacity of Hungary and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia in order to support the Stipendium Hungaricum for 2017-2020.  

The Program initially aimed to support up to 50 Georgian Students annually in Hungarian Higher Education Institutions at Bachelor-, Master -, Integrated (5 year Master) -  and Doctoral Level studies to  pursue their education in academic fields of STEM,  Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Health Sciences, Sport- and Art studies.

On 21st of April 2017 the amendment was signed between the  Ministry of Human Capacity of Hungary and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and the quota for Georgian citizens to study in Hungary has been increased up to 80. Agreement apart from sending Georgian students to Hungary  implies offering 5 scholarships for Hungarian students (BA, MA, PhD) to take part in summer schools offered by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and Georgian Technical University. 

Applicants can choose desirable programs offered by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University:

International Summer School for Young Researchers 2017;

Ethnography of Georgia;

Modern Theories in Folkloristics;

Georgian Mythology.

Applicants can also indicate Independent Study/Tailor Made Programs for both above mentioned universities - The fields of studies are covered but not limited to: Caucasian Studies, Anthropology, Peace, Russian Language, Art and etc. 



Application procedure and timeline



The applicants have to register and upload all the necessary documents in the electronic portal of the LEPL International Education Center on the following link The application system will be open from 6 June 2017 till 20 June 18:00 Central European Time; Georgian time 20:00).

After application deadline the electronic portal will be closed and editing will not be possible.

The electronic application system enables applicants to edit/change application before deadline. After editing the application has to be sent again before deadline. 

To fill an application completely and to upload all the necessary documents before deadline is an obligation of an applicant.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Uploading all the documents are required. 



Conditions of the program and documents to be submitted



Eligibility criteria:

Citizenship of Hungary;

Holding BA, MA or PhD degrees or current BA, MA, PHD students.


Requested Documents: 

a) Photo;

b) Passport; 

c) CV; 

d) Diploma with transcript (BA, MA or PhD);

e) Official document of being student with transcript (BA, MA or PhD);

f) Official document of Working Experience; 

g) One Reference;

h) Statement of Purpose;

i) English Language Certificate or notification;

j) Certificates, publications (not compulsory)

All the documents have to be submitted electronically. Hardcopies aren’t required. Foreign language documents should be presented with a notarized  translation in Georgian or English languages.



Selection criteria and selection board



Selection board will be comprised for identifying successful applicants. The composition and duties of the selection board has to be approved by the decree of the Center’s Executive Director. Selection criteria are approved by the selection board. 

Three stages:

First – Administrative-formal check of applications by the Center’s Academic Programs and International Programs Division.

Second – Qualitative Check. At this stage applicant can receive maximum 50 points.

Third – Distance interview. Also 50 points.

Members of the selection board evaluate applicants individually via electronic evaluation portal. 

Applicants who pass second stage will be asked to pass an interview.

Afterwards all the points received at second and third stage will be summarized.



Informing Applicants



Statuses of the applicants: selected, reserve list, not selected. The applicants  will be informed regarding their statuses on their indicated e-mails.






Based on the agreement signed on  February 6  2017 signed between the Ministry of Human Capacity of Hungary and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia supporting the Stipendium Hungaricum for 2017-2020, The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia will cover scholarship amount of GEL 600 and medical insurance. 

In case of additional questions contact Program Coordinator: Tamar Todria 



«თებერვალი 2024»
განათლების საერთაშორისო ცენტრში 2023 წლის კურსდამთავრებულებთან შეხვედრა გაიმართა

განათლების საერთაშორისო ცენტრში 2023 წლის კურსდამთავრებულებთან შეხვედრა გაიმართა

სსიპ განათლების საერთაშორისო ცენტრის ორგანიზებით, 2023 წლის იმ კურსდამთავრებულებთან, რომლებმაც ცენტრის მხარდაჭერით განათლება უცხოეთში მიიღეს, დასაქმებისა და კარიერული განვითარების ხელშეწყობის საკითხებზე სამუშაო შეხვედრა გაიმართა.

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