Nino Chelidze



Nino holds MA Degrees in Linguistics and Education administration.

Her work experience starts in 1990 with the Tbilisi State University as a Lecturer at the Dept. of Western European Studies. Later moving on to the Ministry of Education of Georgia at the Department of Foreign Affairs, she focused on Minority and IDP Programs for the Ministry of Education, serving as liaison for International and State education offices. 

Starting from 1992 represented ACTR/ACCELS in Georgia and managed Scholarship Programs such as: Edmund E. Muskie Scholarship Program, Network Scholarships Program, etc. As a Representative of IREX (from 1996) oversaw RSEP/CI (Regional Scholar Exchange Program and Contemporary Issues Program), helped develop Muskie Scholarship Alumni Association for Caucasus (Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia in 1997). In 2000 joined US Peace Corps as an Education Project Manager and supervised Secondary School and University Teaching Programs.

As of 2004 joined Roma Memorial University Scholarship Program in Open Society Foundations Budapest, Hungary and later managed Roma Education Fund Academic Scholarship Programs and Social Development Programs for 16 Central- and Eastern European countries. The programs focused on providing policy advice to the state education systems, supported the students professional development needs through a number of targeted trainings and organized praxis schools, granted funds for Student local and international academic scholarships (2500 per annum), supported community projects and Alumni activities in 16 CEE countries. Nino’s professional involvement in policy development and management of civil society strengthening, promoting gender equity and minority rights, working at grassroots communities in social development, education-, youth- and health programs all contributed to building capacity of the civil sector and good governance, including Caucasus (Georgia and Azerbaijan), Turkey, Central- and Eastern Europe.

Between 2012- 2014 nino lead Internships Program with the Central European University in Budapest focused on wide range of Intersnhip program schemes and Visiting Practitioners Programs, Professional Development and executive Education projects.The work entailed, but was not limited to developing targeted Internship and praxis programs from grassroots- to well established international level organizations, working with a wide range of donor community, business partners, local, national and international level organizations and state entities, developing training and targeted skills development programs for students and their program counterparts.

In 2014 Nino Chelidze became the Head of International Education Center. The Center runs five operational programs, supporting development of academic field and professional public servants.

«January 2023»