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1. What opportunities does the LEPL International Education Center provide for Georgian citizens to further their education abroad?  

In order to train qualified personnel for both, the public and private sectors, LEPL International Education Center provides scholarship programs to help students financing bachelor's, master's, and doctorate degrees.

(!) At the current time, only the "Stipendium Hungaricum" Hungarian scholarship program may be used to finance bachelor's degree programs.


2. Which scholarship opportunities does the center provide?

The center carries out:

  • - Programs fully financed by the Georgian Government.
  • - Co-financed programs with partner organizations.
  • - Programs fully funded by the governments of partner organizations.


3. Who is eligible for the center's scholarship programs?

Citizens of Georgia, owners of neutral identification cards, and/or owners of neutral travel documents are all eligible to apply for the center's scholarship programs.


4. What are the fundamental application and competition processes?

  • - The contestant must register in the electronic system and complete the application form by the competition deadline;
  • - Formal assessment of the application and submitted documentation by the center's representatives;
  • - Content (score) evaluation of the complete application by the commission, interview with the commission.

(!) It is possible that some scholarship programs have a different procedure in place.


5. How to register for the scholarship program?

In order to participate in the Center's scholarship programs, the contestant must first register at

Becoming a user of the system after registering, contestant can select a specific scholarship program electronic application from the list of electronic applications.


6. When is it possible to fill out/submit the application?

The electronic application for each scholarship program is dynamic, that's , the application can be filled out and submitted inside the foreordained competition period. The competition deadline is given within the description of the significant grant program.


7. How to fill out the application?

The contestant must first register in the online system before choosing the appropriate electronic application, filling out the required fields one at a time, and uploading any necessary documents. Click "Save" once you have finished filling out that specific page.

Step-by-step filling is possible on the application's other pages. Click the „Send” button after fully completing each page. With this action, the contestant's application will be deemed submitted, and he will also get an email confirmation.


8. At what stage is it possible to change the e-application?

It is possible to enter the necessary information into the electronic system, upload the document, save it, and edit it before sending the application during the period provided by the program. The application is deemed submitted once you click the "Send" button, and you cannot make any changes after that.


9. How many Universities/ academic programs can be listed on the application?

Each scholarship program has a specific number of eligible universities/academic programs within that program.


10. Can a center representative assist with the application or enrollment process for universities?

The contestant fills out the electronic application individually and independently,also, goes through the enrollment procedure in foreign universities independently from the center.


11. Does the center use a university ranking list?

The scholarship programs of the Center do not restrict the applicant to any sort of university ranking list.

Aside from separate scholarship programs, where the list of universities is predetermined by the scholarship program.


12. Is funding provided for online education?

Part-time teaching-learning arrangements, online courses, distance learning, integrated academic programs, and/or so-called financing of "Executive" academic programs are not covered by scholarship programs.

In addition to the temporary adjustments made to university policies regarding the educational process during the pandemic or other unique circumstances.


13. Is it possible to apply to more than one scholarship program?

There is no such restriction. Contestants who win in multiple scholarship competitions must decide which one they would like to use.


14. Is funding provided for the longer program then 1 year?

The grant is awarded for one academic year.

In case of enrolling in a program lasting more than one year, the scholarship for the next academic year will be awarded in case of high academic performance according to the decision of the commission.



15. How many times a year may the scholarship program be revealed?

Each scholarship program of the center is announced once a year.


16. Does the winner of the contest have any duties if they use the grant?

All of the Center's scholarship programs require the beneficiaries to demonstrate their graduation from the Universities or program where they received commission-approved funding for their studies. The majority of scholarship programs have requirements for returning to the Country (Georgia) after graduation, also to delay and get employed in Georgia.

(!) The contestant must get familiar with the specifics of the requirements listed in each scholarship program's description.


17. What is the funding procedure and what does fund mean?

A competitive process is used to distribute funding.

The term "funding" refers to the full or partial payment of tuition as well as other associated costs, such as living expenses while studying abroad.


18. What is a procedure for grant utilization?

- Based on the official invoice, the money designated to cover the tuition fee is transferred to the higher education institution of the foreign country.

- The amount designated for the reimbursement of living expenses incurred during the period of study in the relevant country is transferred to the personal bank account.

The official statement of the bank, both domestically and internationally, may be presented for this purpose.



19. Is the financing income tax deductible?

The amount granted as a grant is exempt from income tax in Georgia, per the law in effect.


20. How does the LEPL International Education Center offer consultation?

Consultation regarding the scholarship programs of the LEPL International Education Center can be obtained from:

  1. By visiting the center on any working day. Address: I. Chavchavadze Ave. 7, second floor;
  2. Through the center's official Facebook page or e-mail;
  3. by calling the information line at 032 2 97 01 97 ;

Additional informational meetings are held during the competition periods. Detailed information is published on the center's website:




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