Foreign Qualification Enhancement Program 2018, April 25, 2018 - May 25, 2018 (until 7:00 pm Tbilisi time)

Description of Stipend Program



The stipend program “Foreign Qualification Enhancement Program 2018-2019” (hereafter - stipend program) is a stipend program offered by the legal entity International Education Center (hereafter - Center).

Georgian citizens in possession of a neutral ID and/or travel document employed at a state (financial) institute can acquire financial assistance through the stipend program and enhance their qualification in a foreign program relevant to the work of the position held.

These individuals have equal rights to take advantage of the Stipend Program irregardless of ethnicity, skin color, sex, language, religion, political or any other views, ethnic or social status, place of birth, or any other classification by taking this stipend program’s established conditions into account.

Financing will given out according to the competition rule of preserving fairness, competitiveness, and transparency. The competition commission created on the basis of the directive of the Center’s acting director is the body that makes the decisions.

Through this stipend program, individuals employed at a state (financial) institution will be able to improve their theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and professional habits via the foreign qualification enhancement program. The content and material of the qualification enhancement program must correspond to the essence of the work required by the held position.

A qualification enhancement program may be no longer than 3 months. Financial assistance will given out in full or partially on the basis of the competition.

During the competition, information regarding institutional co-financing acquired by the entrant will be taken into consideration.

The financing of online programs having an incomplete study course, or of distance learning and/or integrated programs is not considered by the program.



Goals and Tasks



The goal of the stipend program is to give individuals employed at public offices the ability to enhance their qualifications abroad. After enhancing their qualifications abroad, an individual employed at a public office will be able to work more effectively.

The task of the program is to prepare the necessary highly qualified and competent individuals for the country’s economic and social development.



Program Target Group



The program’s target group is represented by Georgian citizens in possession of a neutral ID and/or travel document who are employed at a state financial institution and desire to enhance their qualifications through a program appropriate to the work required by their position.



Program Outcome



The outcome of the stipend program is represented by the submission of a document confirming the completion of a qualification enhancement program by a financed individual. Those finishing such a course must return to Georgia not more than one month after the conclusion of the selected program and continue working for a minimum of 12 months at the state financial institution where they worked when acquiring financial assistance.



Competition Deadline



April 25, 2018 to May 25, 2018 (until 7:00 pm Tbilisi time). Entrants will be able to find out the final results of the competition until July 25, 2018.



Program Implementation



Fulfilling the program is only possible by announcing a competition.


The process of announcing a competition implies:

  • The approval of a stipend program and the announcement of a competition by the legal entity International Education Center via their official website;
  • The center informing the public and guaranteeing access to the program;
  • Filling out an application and submitting the appropriate documentation (including those compiled in English) by uploading them onto the integrated electronic registration system on the Center’s official website.
  • The selection of a winner within their abilities according to rules established by the Center and competition commission after the passing of the competition deadline;
  • The write up of a contract with winning entrants regarding a grant and the guarantee of financing;
  • The monitoring of financed individuals’ fulfillment of obligations by the Center.
Competition Commission. Competition Evaluation Process



Decisions regarding various issues associated with selecting a winner and conducting the competition are made by the competition commission. The commission’s make-up and authority is confirmed by the Center’s acting director. The criteria for evaluating entrants and evaluation forms will be written up and approved by the competition commission.

The evaluation of an electronic application and the accompanying documentation is carried out by the competition commission using an electronic system. The maximum score is 100. Thus:

  • A maximum of 50 points when evaluating the application;
  • A maximum of 50 points when evaluating the interview.


The competition consists of three stages:

Stage 1 - An administrative (formal) validation of the electronic application and the appropriate documentation. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. The Center has the authority to request that an entrant clarify a submitted document. The administrative (formal) validation of an electronic application and the appropriate documentation is conducted by the Center’s Office of Academic Programs and International Projects.

Stage 2 - An in-depth evaluation of the electronic application. In the case of an entrant earning an appropriate score on the basis of an in-depth evaluation of their electronic application and accompanying documentation, if it has been established as such, they go on to the third stage of the competition. An entrant can earn a maximum of 50 points at the second stage.

Stage 3 - Interview. At this stage, an entrant can earn a maximum of 50 points.

If an entrant happens to be abroad, the interview will be conducted via video chat.



Competition Requirements, Documentation to be Submitted



Competition Rules:

1. Is a Georgian citizen in possession of a neutral ID and/or travel document;

2. Is employed at a state (financial) institution in Georgia;

3. Has acquired an official document confirming an invitation for a qualification enhancement program abroad.


Documentation to be Submitted:

1. A copy of personal ID/passport/neutral ID and/or neutral travel document;

2. CV/Resume;

3. Cover Letter;

4. One recommendation (the recommendation takes place through the reference indicated by the entrant on the application on the Center’s electronic registration system with a questionnaire that is automatically sent to the email address of the reference);

5. Consent from place of work (information regarding the entrant’s position and job duties must be indicated in this same document or in the form of a separate addendum);

6. An official document confirming an invitation to a qualification enhancement program;

7. A document about the cost of the program, in the case of a request for compensation of living expenses - amount of funds requested.


When filling out an application on the electronic registration system, information must be submitted in Georgian. Uploaded documents can also be submitted in English. Documents compiled in any other foreign language will be examined in Georgian with a translation certified by a notary service.

The Center and the competition committee have the authority to double check the accurateness of the information submitted by an entrant on the application at any time and in the case of incorrectly submitted information and/or the discovery of plagiarism, the application will be withdrawn from the competition.



Obligations of Parties, Contractual Relationships



A contract written up between the Center and the grant recipient regarding a grant is the grounds for the disbursement of the grant allotted within the framework of this stipend program. The rights and obligations of the parties, method of payment, etc. will be defined by this contract.

The Center takes up the obligation to carry out the monetary provision of the grant recipient in the appropriate amount and with the payment method established by this program according to the decision of the commission.

A grant recipient takes up the obligation:

  • Of submitting a document confirming attendance at the corresponding qualification program after the conclusion of the program;
  • Of returning to Georgia no later than one month after the conclusion of the program and continuing to work for a minimum of 12 months at the state (financial) institution where they worked when acquiring the financing.

A grant recipient cannot request funding within this same program or in another stipend program offered by the Center until all the obligations of this program and those stipulated by the contract are fulfilled.

A grant recipient’s failure to fulfill the established obligations of this program gives rise to financial accountability. In the case of a contractual condition not being kept, the grant recipient is obligated to fully return the grant money according to the rule regarding the grant foreseen by the contract. Any other rights and obligations are regulated by a contract written up between the parties regarding the grant.



Forms of Financing. Program Budget. Method of Payment



A full or partial compensation of the cost of the qualification enhancement program and/or the costs associated with living in a corresponding country when attending the program is implied by financing.

The funds allotted in the form of a grant through the commission’s decision are transferred to the financed individual according to the purposes:

  • The cost of the qualification enhancement program at a corresponding institute in a foreign country;
  • The funds allotted for the compensation of costs associated with living in a foreign country when attending the program are deposited in the grant recipient’s personal bank account.

The fulfillment of the financial obligations foreseen by the program will be assured with allocations diverted to the Center under the Georgian law “Regarding the State Budget of Georgia in 2018”.



Additional Information



The filling out of an electronic application and the uploading of the corresponding documentation by individuals interested in the competition takes place on the Center’s official website via an integrated electronic registration system

The application and corresponding documentation (including the recommendation) must be uploaded onto the electronic registration system by 7:00 pm, May 25. This system closes at the end of the competition deadline and entrants will no longer be able to edit their application.

An electronic registration form provides an entrant the means to fill out the application in stages and/or change it before the competition deadline. After being edited, the application must be sent again before the competition deadline.

The timely and full submission of the application and corresponding documentation is the entrant’s responsibility. An incompletely submitted application will not be considered.

It is mandatory to upload every document, including those when taking into account the specifics established by the program, apart from those cases when it is indicated - if they exist.

In the case of some technical problem arising when filling out the application, please address the technical support group -

Entrants will be informed of the results of every stage of the competition via the electronic application submitted by them.



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