International Master’s and Doctoral Program


1. Where can I register?

Registration for round one of the contest is open from November 3 to December 19, 2014. This can be done via the International Education Center website

2. Can I apply for a Master’s or Doctoral study program if I study in Georgia or are the scholarships only available if I study abroad?

The International Education Center program will fund Master’s and Doctoral programs only at foreign tertiary institutions, except distance educational (correspondence course) programs.

3. Does it matter which tertiary institution I choose to attend?

The rules of the program for the 2014-2015 academic year state the contest will finance Master’s or Doctoral programs for students who have been accepted to study at a foreign tertiary institution in the program’s priority areas. The program does not impose any restrictions on chosen foreign tertiary institutions.

4. Which areas of study will be financed by the program

Priority areas of the program may be change from year to year. Changes in priority areas will depend on the professional needs of the country. For the 2015-2016 academic year the priority areas are: 

• Agricultural; 

• Education; 

• Engineering; 

• Science/Natural science; 

• Social sciences; 

• Humanities/Human sciences.

5. What are the stages of the contest?

The contest consists of the following stages: 

• Registration. Applicants must fill in an application form via the International Education Center website and follow the program’s terms and conditions; 

• Program staff will review all applications to ensure applications meet all program criteria. 

• A formal examination of each application will then take place by an independent Selection Board. Each application will be given a score, with top applications moving on to the third step. 

• Personal interview with Selection Board members. 

Further information about the contest steps can be found on the International Education Center website

6. Will the International Education Center assist applicants’ enrolment in foreign universities?

Candidates must apply to a foreign university independently. As stated in the program terms and conditions, candidates must select their chosen tertiary institution independently, fill in the university’s application form and meet the requirements of the selected university.

7. How many times will the International Education Center call for applications?

The International Education Center will call for applications twice for people who wish to have their Master’s or Doctoral programs abroad financed for the 2015-2016 academic year. 

I contest – November 3 – December 19, 2014.

II contest – March 2 – April 10, 2015.

8. Will the program fund a second or subsequent Master’s or Doctoral course?

Yes, only if the candidate has not already received funds from the International Education Center through this program. Students enrolled in a second or subsequent Master’s or Doctoral course can apply for funding through the International Education Center program contest. These students, in their application form, must present a document detailing their achievement of the previous academic year and a certificate about their student enrolment status. 

The contest is announced for a specific academic year and financial support will be allotted to successful beneficiaries for the upcoming academic year. The program will not fund courses of previous academic years.


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